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Welcome to my small corner of the internet!

If you're looking for a blog discussing running, fitness and bits of life in between then you've stumbled across the right site. Ever since I joined a gym back in 2014 I've developed an enjoyment for all things fitness, moving my body and the amazing endorphins it brings. After numerous attempts to get into running, something eventually stuck in 2018 and I haven't looked back since! Whilst running is now my favourite hobby for my spare time, I also still love a good gym session as well as walking/hiking, yoga, blogging (evidently), baking and drinking copious amounts of coffee whilst exploring new, quirky independent cafes!


I'm hoping this blog provides some useful information and sparks some interesting discussions, particularly for those of you new to the sport, as I'll write about my own running experiences as well as explore areas of interest I have endeavoured to read and research widely. Alongside all of the running and fitness talk, expect some of my favourite cafe, book and travel recommendations thrown in for good measure!  All in all, I just wish to provide you all with some food for thought, coffee style. 

Katie x

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